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Alicia Villauriz Iglesias: General Secretary of Fisheries (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food). Agricultural Engineer, she was formerly the Coordinator of Fisheries, Agriculture and Food at the Spanish Permanent Representation to the European Union. He has extensive knowledge of agricultural and fisheries policy, trade policy and international relations in the field of agriculture and fisheries, extensive experience in the operation of the Community institutions for decision-making and management of the CAP and the PCP, and participation in the negotiations for the reform of these policies in the EU, as well as in International Organizations, in particular FAO, OECD and WTO, related to agriculture and fisheries.


Angel Matamoro Irago: Nacido en Vigo 1959. Casado con Teresa, 3 hijos Paula, Miguel y Teresa. Actualmente es Director Corporativo de RSC y Relaciones Institucionales del grupo Nueva Pescanova, Es miembro del comité ejecutivo y del comité de Dirección.

Se incorporó a Pescanova en 1991 como Director de Marketing, desempeñando la Dirección general de Pescanova Alimentación de 1994 a 2014, y la Dirección de Personas del grupo de 2014 a 2017.

Anteriormente trabajó en Barilla España como jefe de Marketing, y en el área de Investigación y desarrollo de Procter & Gamble, iniciando su carrera laboral en 1984 en SODIGA como analista de proyectos.

Licenciado en Química Industrial en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, es máster en administración de empresas por Icade, en Dirección comercial y marketing por el Instituto de empresas, y ha participado en los programas de Alta Dirección de Empresas de Abanca, y de Agenda pública de Esade

Actualmente Preside de la Asociación Española de Platos Preparados, es miembro de la JD de Conxemar, del comité de sostenibilidad de AECOC, y de la Asociación Española de directivos en Galicia.


Elena Ojea: Elena Ojea is a senior researcher at the University of Vigo currently leading the project CLOCK: Climate Adaptation to shifting stocks, funded by the European Research Council with an ERC Starting Grant. Elena holds an undergrad in Environmental Sciences and a PhD in Economics and has experience as a post-doc and research fellow at the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3). She was a visiting researcher at the Bren School for Environmental Science and Policy (USA) during 2013, continuing visiting over the following years. There she joined the sustainable fisheries group and had the chance to work with experts at UCSB on the set of solutions for sustainable fishery management in many systems that are implemented around the world. To continue this work, Elena joined the University of Vigo in the summer of 2016 and launched the Future Oceans Lab, a Vigo-based research group on marine systems and climate change. She will also be involved in the next IPCC Assessment Report (6AR) as Leading Author for WGII Oceans chapter.


Mario Lopes dos Santos: Mario Lopes dos Santos works as Deputy Head of Unit at the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) in Vigo, Spain. EFCA is an independent European Union (EU) body which aims to promote the highest common standards for control, inspection and surveillance under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). In his role of Deputy Head of Unit for Operational Coordination, he is responsible for the coordination of the different joint deployment plans adopted by the EFCA, including the risk based planning, implementation and assessment of joint control activities.
Mario has a degree on general aquatic sciences and an MSc in “Applied Fish Biology”. He has worked previously at the European Commission (Management of research programmes in fisheries, aquaculture and marine sciences both at DG RESEARCH and DG MARE) and as a researcher and lecturer in Portugal.


Frangiskos Nikolian: Frangiskos Nikolian is Head of the Unit responsible for Economic Analysis, Markets and Impact Assessment in the Commission General-directorate for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE). Frangiscos joined the Commission and the then newly created Fisheries General Directorate in 1984 where he successively held positions as project manager, ex-post auditor and Head of Sector of ex-post audit. In 2011 he moved to DG REGIO as Deputy Head of Unit in the Coordination Unit of the Audit Directorate. Eventually he re-joined DG MARE in 2013 first as Head of Unit dealing with the implementation of EFF/EMFF in Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Croatia, and later as Head of the Unit responsible for Structural Policy and Economic Analysis. He has a degree in Information Technologies.